Dean of Students Office (DOSO)

The DOSO provides services to students and faculty to enhance the collegiate experience for WSU students.  Resources for students include student organizations, community service opportunities, and student life wellness programs.  The DOSO also maintains the Student Code of Conduct and provides resources for faculty to handle student issues. 

CARE Report

Faculty with concerns about a student's health or well-being (personal or academic) can file a CARE Report (Community*Advocacy*Referral*Engagement) with the DOSO, which will enlist campus community resources to reach out to and help the student.

Academic Integrity

The OTL offers individual consultations on pedagogical strategies and instructional technologies that promote academic integrity in traditional, online, and hybrid environments.  We also collaborate with instructors and campus partners (e.g., Dean of Students Office, University Libraries, the Ombudsperson, and related service providers) to foster a climate of academic integrity campus-wide.

Academic integrity expectations for students are outlined in the Student Code of Conduct.  Instructors are encouraged to direct questions regarding possible student academic integrity infractions to a Student Conduct Officer within the Dean of Students Office.


The DOSO provides resources to faculty and staff related to student misconduct, including the Guide to Working with Disruptive and Distressed Students.  The DOSO Faculty and Staff Resources also has information on reporting a misconduct violation.

Title IX - Sex Discrimination, Harassment & Violence

Title IX applies to WSU as a public institution that receives Federal funds.  Academic and employment decisions based upon sex and sex-based misconduct are forms of illegal discrimination prohibited under Title IX, as well as other state and federal laws.  While this law is often thought of as a law that applies only to athletics programs, Title IX is much broader than athletics and applies to ALL areas of the University.  More information on the policies including how to report an incident can be found at the Office of the General Counsel Title IX website.