Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows

Graduate students and Postdoctoral Fellows are able to utilize Office for Teaching and Learning (OTL) services such as consultations, workshops, the Mid-semester Assessment Program (MAP), and the OTL computer lab.  Even if you do not currently hold a teaching related assignment, training at the OTL can help you prepare for your future career. 

GTA Orientation

The Wayne State University (WSU) Graduate School sponsors the annual GTA Orientation.  The OTL supports participants and observers in gaining the fullest experience from the microteaching module exercises.  Check the Wayne State Events calendar for exact dates of GTA Orientation each year.  In some cases, departments offer teaching orientations for graduate teaching assistants, as well.  It will be important to confirm with your department when and where your participation is recommended or required.

When you're part of a teaching team

GTAs are a critical part of the instructional team at WSU.  Depending on what department you are in and your  level of experience, your responsibilities may vary from being the lead instructor for an introductory course, to running a discussion section associated with a larger lecture, to grading and providing feedback to students.  These roles give you an excellent opportunity to develop and hone skills that will be useful throughout your career.  Work with your faculty advisor to develop a plan for the semester that not only provides them the support they expect, but also allows you to develop your skills and experience as an instructor.

Teaching Documentation Program

The OTL facilitates the Teaching Documentation Program (TDP), a self-paced program that helps prepare instructors to teach better now and in the future.  It also offers formalized documentation of an individual's teaching development efforts and provides WSU instructors a competitive advantage in future career goals.  Included are requirements in theory, assessment, discipline-specific teaching materials, and diversity.  More information is also available in the OTL Services section.

Pedagogy Journal Club

The OTL hosts a bimonthly teaching focused journal club for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.  Participants engage in discussions of research-based articles related to pedagogy at the university level; explore pedagogical applications, strategies and techniques; and consider how instructors can implement such strategies in higher education STEM courses.

This is an opportunity to meet with peers to review a pre-selected research article and discuss the technique presented, including unique aspects of the technique and consideration of its application in the broader landscape of the STEM education field.

Graduate and Postdoctoral Professional Development (GPPD) seminar series

The GPPD seminar series covers a range of topics that are of interest to trainees including abstract writing, job search skills, poster presentation skills, and career opportunities.  The GPPD seminar series is organized by core competencies that are nationally recognized in graduate education.  By attending GPPD events, graduate students and postdoctoral scholars can earn micro-credentials that are shareable on personal LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and/or Mozilla Backpack pages to show off skills that are highly desired by employers but may not be apparent from a transcript or diploma.

Graduate School

In addition to the GPPD, the Graduate School has additional resources for graduate student and postdoctoral professional development.  These training programs and resources are designed to help grad students and postdocs transition to faculty research and teaching positions or jobs in industry and other non-academic fields.  Visit the Graduate School professional development  website for more information.